Current Skincare Routine

So in college, I didn’t have much of a skincare routine.  In fact, the stuff that I did to my skin was probably more harmful rather than helpful.  I’m a little embarrassed to say, but I actually used to clean my skin with rubbing alcohol.  I mean, what was I thinking?! I intended the rubbing alcohol to dry out blackheads and blemishes as I heard that it could get rid of some acne, but I ended up having the driest skin.  Thankfully, I have changed my ways and now use some great products that I would definitely recommend.

A skincare routine is so important to keeping your skin clear as well as having your makeup go on smoothly.  I actually know a few people who don’t have much of a skincare routine at all and their skin is so clear and beautiful.  Unfortunately, if I do not use a skincare line on my skin, I will end up with more breakouts than I have experienced during my teenage years.  For those who know me, that is not a pretty sight!  Lately, my skin has been acting up and I’ve been getting more blemishes than I have had in a long time.  I’ve decided to take better care of my skin and I’ve come up with a routine that is working pretty well for me.

For reference, my skin is generally on the normal to dry side.  Lately, I’ve been experiencing some oiliness and this is causing more blemishes to appear.  Although I am describing and listing the products that I use on a daily basis, I also frequently use other skin treatments and masks to help with any problems that arise with my skin.  Those items will be described in a later post!

As for my daily skincare routine, I like to keep it simple in the morning with using just a facial cleanser and a moisturizer.  At night, I generally have a more extensive skincare routine to really clean and moisturize my skin.


I first use the Clinique Cleansing Balm to take off my makeup.  This literally melts away makeup and will not clog your pores.  This product is great and will last you a long time since you get so much product in the jar!

After taking off my makeup, I use the Purity cleanser from Philosophy.  It is so gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry like most cleansers do.  I have used multiple bottles of this and I love it!


Currently, I am using the Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing lotion as a toner for my skin.  I have used this product for years and it has always worked well for me.  All Mario Badescu products that I have used have been really great, actually.  Although this works well for me, I am looking for a new toner that will work well with my dry skin.  If you have any recommendations, comment below!


Finally, I always make sure to moisturize.  Since I have dry skin most of the time, I actually use two products that add moisture to my skin.  The first is the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar.  This smells fantastic and does its job well.  Most days and nights I follow up with the Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray.  This is probably my 5th bottle of this product and I can’t get enough of it!  This spray is a light mist that won’t deeply moisturize, but provides a light layer of moisture on the skin.

I know that everyone’s skin has a different composition and requires different products, and therefore some of these products may not work well for you.  What products do you use on a daily basis to keep your skin clean and glowing? Let me know in the comments!

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