Styling an Entryway

My husband and I recently bought a house and one of my favorite things to do this summer was go shopping for home décor.  Before we bought our current house, we lived in a condo that was much smaller.  I loved that condo and its location, but it was time to upgrade.  Because of how small our condo was, we needed to buy a lot more furniture and décor for the home.

My absolute favorite part of the decorating process was finding items for our entryway.  I found so many pins on Pinterest that I fell in love with, and I attempted to recreate some of those items as best as I could.  I think that my biggest takeaway from decorating the entryway was that less is more.  The more items I put on the table, the less put together it looked.  After playing around with the arrangement of these items, I really love how it turned out!

The first item that I fell in love with for our house was this beautiful, white table.  Of course it is part of the Magnolia Home collection by Joanna Gaines.  I am a huge Fixer Upper fan and as soon as I saw this table, I knew I had to have it!

I also wanted a place to display our card box from our wedding.  It was an investment compared to other card boxes, but my goal was to display it somewhere in our home since it has sentimental value.  This table displays it perfectly and I always hear people reference it when they come over.

The other box on the bottom of the table was also a part of our wedding.  We didn’t do a traditional guest book – instead we had guests fill out answers to various questions on cards that my husband and I could read following the wedding.  The cards all went in this box and we still have them in there.  It is so fun to look in that box and read all the responses from our guests on our wedding day.


The “our nest” piece I found at TJ Maxx on a whim.  The TJ Maxx by my house always has good items and I loved that I found something that works perfectly on the table!

I also found the wreath and glass vase at TJ Maxx.  The wreath is a perfect size for the space above the table.  I am excited to change up the wreath as the seasons change as well.  As for the glass vase, I loved the detail on it and that it wasn’t too big.  A mason jar would give the same effect too – I just love displaying flowers in the home!

Finally, the candle holder was a gift for our wedding.  I love having a spot for it because in our condo, there wasn’t a good place to display it!


Overall, I love how we decorated our entryway and how it helped make our house a home.

Shop the post:

Table – Magnolia Home

Card Box – Etsy

Gold and White Box – Michael’s (Similar one here)

Our Nest Sign – TJ Maxx (Similar ones here and here)

Wreath – TJ Maxx (Similar one here)

Glass Vase – TJ Maxx (Similar one here)

Candle Holder – Kirkland’s (Similar ones here, here, and here)


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