August Favorites

Can we talk about how it is almost September?  I know that I’ve been excited for fall to come for a while now, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like summer is coming to a close just yet.  Now that I am back teaching and football is starting, it truly feels like fall is here!

Also, does anyone else love watching monthly favorites videos on YouTube?  When it comes to beauty videos, I love watching those because I get to see new products that people have already tried and are loving.  Since I really like watching those kinds of videos, I figured that I would do something similar on the blog!

This month, I have been into all the summer fashion and beauty trends.  Off the shoulder tops, white jeans, and rose gold anything have been my go-to.  As excited as I am for fall, I am still wearing the heck out of these items because, well, it’s still really hot outside!

Here are my favorites from this past month!

Shop the look:

  1. Express Jeans

These white jeans are perfect for summer.  To be honest, I always wear white after Labor Day, so I would get a lot of wear out of these jeans even in the fall.  Also, the frayed hem on these jeans are so cute and add just enough detail to make them different than your average pair of jeans.

  1. Francesca’s Off the Shoulder Top

If off the shoulder tops haven’t been your thing this summer, then you have to get this top for fall.  The eyelet detail is so pretty!

  1. Kendra Scott Necklace

First of all, Kendra Scott is easily one of my favorite jewelry brands.  One of my best friends first introduced me to Kendra Scott jewelry in college and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I even ordered my bridesmaids’ earrings for my wedding from Kendra Scott!  Anyways, this necklace has been a go-to of mine lately.  Like I said, rose gold has been my favorite color this month!

  1. Bauble Bar Rose Gold Tassel Earrings

Again, rose gold is the bomb.  So are tassel earrings.  End of story!

  1. Gray Slip-on Sneakers

These sneakers are so cute and sporty all at the same time.  Also, they are pretty comfy so they are easy to wear all day long.

  1. Pink Cubs Hat

Cubs fan or not, you need this hat.  The blush pink color on this hat is so pretty.  Also, how could you not love the Cubs?  Not like I’m biased or anything… 🙂

  1. J. Crew Denim Jacket

Denim jackets will continue to be my favorite throughout fall.  J. Crew jackets have always been a favorite of mine and this one is no different!

  1. Buxom White Russian Gloss

Want an everyday lip color that is natural and pretty?  This one is a keeper!

  1. Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

Everyone and their mom loves this eyeshadow palette.  Why?  Because it is seriously THE BEST.  I own more eyeshadow palettes than I care to admit and this one takes the cake, easily.  It has enough natural colors for everyday looks and every bold color that you could ever want.

  1. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

My hair is naturally stick straight and limp.  This product brings my hair to life in no time!  Anyone with thin or flat hair needs this product in their life.

  1. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

I just mentioned this product in my skincare routine.  Adding this to my routine has really helped my skin get completely clean every night.


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