Wearing White After Labor Day?

Since I was a child my mom has been saying, “You aren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day” and I have stuck to that rule for many years.  Once I was in college however (cue rebellious attitude), I found myself breaking all kinds of rules and wearing white after Labor Day was one of them.  Ok, so maybe rebelling by wearing white isn’t exactly rebelling at all, but whatever.  Anyways, I went to college in sunny Arizona and everyone wore white after Labor Day.  Heck, it’s so warm out there that wearing white is practically a necessity rather than an option.  Since then, I’ve always worn white after Labor Day because after all, it’s only a color.

This blue off the shoulder top from Francesca’s has been a go-to of mine lately.  I’ve tried on so many off the shoulder tops in fitting rooms these past few months and most seem baggy, tight, or just don’t look right on my body.  This one, however, is a keeper.

I love to pair this with large, statement earrings.  They really stand out with off the shoulder tops and I personally have been wearing these white ones a ton.  I always get complimented when I wear these earrings and I love that even though they are statement pieces, they go with almost anything.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am obsessed with lip products.  My mom has told me that I could practically open my own store with the amount of lip products that I own.  I love pairing a bold lip color with this top and this color palette.  This coral color definitely isn’t something that I wear every day, but it adds a nice pop that makes the look stand out a little more.

Now I have to ask, do you dare to wear white after Labor Day?  Comment below!


Shop the look:

Top – Francesca’s (Similar here and here)

Jeans – Forever 21 (Similar here)

Sandals – Tommy Hilfiger (TJ Maxx) (Similar here)

Earrings – Francesca’s (Similar here and here)

Handbag – Kate Spade (Similar here and here) (More affordable here)


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