What to Pack for a Three Day Trip


1. Blanket Scarf  2. Distressed Jeans  3. Dark Wash Jeans  4. Leggings  5. Cozy Sweater       6. Athletic Tank  7. Cold Shoulder Top  8. Ruffle Sleeve Top  9. Dress  10. Druzy Necklace 11. Stackable Ring  12. Ear Jackets  13. Nike Shoes  14. Leopard Mules 15. Open Toe Booties  16. Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette  17. Maybelline Lipstick in Divine Wine  18. Bite Beauty Lipstick in Fig

Small vacations are the best.  You have a chance to temporarily get away from reality while still having your life together.  Have you ever come back from a long trip and felt so relaxed, but at the same time you felt as if you didn’t know what was going on in your life at home?  About a year ago I came home from a really, really, nice two week vacation and don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of that vacation, but once I was home I had no clue what was going on with my friends and family.  It took me awhile to get back into my normal routine.  The beauty of a short trip is that you never have that problem!  Clearly, I’m a creature of habit and routine, but a trip every so often is just what I need to really relax.

Later this week I am headed out of the beautiful fall weather of Chicago and am headed to sunny Arizona for a three day trip.  Since I attended college in AZ, it is basically my second home.  I miss living there so much!  I rarely take any trips during the school year, but when I do, they are so worth it.  

So, is anyone else a total packing hoarder like me?  I over pack WAY too much every time I go somewhere.  You never know when you need that extra pair of jeans or that really cute dress you’ve been waiting to wear right?!

Since I am traveling pretty much right after work, I plan on having my stuff together well before then.  Planning takes all the stress away from traveling!  Also, since I’m only going for three days, I’m going to attempt to only bring a carry-on.  Wish me luck!

Here are some of my picks for traveling for only a few days:

1. Blanket Scarf – For fall, you can’t go wrong with a scarf.  Not to mention, it can double as a pillow on the plane if you fold it up!

2 and 3. Two pairs of jeans – Jeans are a must have.  If you wear one pair on the plane, you only are packing one other pair!  Bring a more casual, distressed pair and a nicer, clean cut one for different looks while on your trip.

4. Leggings – This one is for obvious reasons.  They are the most comfortable thing to wear and are so versatile!  I don’t travel anywhere without a good pair of leggings.

5. Cozy Sweater – It finally feels like fall in most places and a comfy sweater can easily be dressed up or down!

6. Athletic Tank – Just in case you do any hiking or outdoor activity on your trip, you’ll want to have some sort of athletic gear.  The back of this tank is so pretty.

7. Cold Shoulder Top – So, this is normally where I over pack.  I bring way to many shirts!  This cute one has some ruffle and cold shoulder detailing and better yet, it won’t break the bank!

8. Ruffle Sleeve Top – Ruffles are all the rage lately and I have definitely been jumping on that bandwagon!  This top is so feminine and pretty!

9. Dress – A good dress is needed for a trip – make sure it is one that you can dress up or down depending on what you end up doing while on vacay!

10. Druzy Necklace – When traveling, I only like taking a few jewelry items.  Make sure to pick a necklace that can go with all of your different outfits like this one.

11. Stackable Ring – I’ve talked about these stackable rings a few times now in various posts.  They are the best!

12. Ear Jackets –  Ear jackets just look so cool!  These ones are so cute and dainty.

13. Nike Shoes – Who knows when you might need a pair of athletic shoes while on your trip?!

14. Leopard Mules – These are so cute and comfy!  Perfect for an everyday outfit!

15. Open Toe Booties – These may not be the best walking shoes, but they sure are cute!  Open toe booties are perfect for fall and are a great item to travel with.

16. Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette – This eyeshadow palette is compact and can fit in any bag or purse.  It has all the basic colors you’ll need!

17. Maybelline Lipstick in Divine Wine – This can definitely take a makeup look from day to night.  This wine color is just gorgeous!

18. Bite Beauty Lipstick in Fig – If you’re looking for an everyday lipcolor, this is more of what you want!  It is a mauve color that is just so pretty and can work with a variety of looks!

What do you like to travel with? Comment below with some of your must haves!



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