What to Wear When Traveling

What to Wear When Traveling - 6What to Wear When Traveling - 3What to Wear When Traveling - 2What to Wear When Traveling - 4What to Wear When Traveling - 5What to Wear When Traveling - 1OUTFIT DETAILS

  1. Leggings  2. T shirt  3. Denim Jacket (Sold Out) (Similar here)   4. Blanket Scarf – (This color is no longer sold at the retailer that I bought it at, but here is basically an identical version)  5. Sneakers   6. Gold Hoop Earrings (Similar here)

I am so excited to travel to Arizona later today.  Does anyone else get butterflies just thinking about their upcoming trips?!  I love to travel, and although I certainly don’t do it enough, I just get so excited when I know that I have a vacation coming up.

On Monday, I talked all about my picks for what you should take with you on a quick trip.  You can read that post here.  Now, even though packing is a major component of travel, for me, I always like to be comfy and cozy on the plane.  Picking out an outfit for the airport is practically a science – you need to have layers, because the plane is always either too hot or too cold – never the right temp.  Not to mention, most of the time I lose the armrest to the person sitting next to me and that in itself is an uncomfortable position to be in so I need to wear comfy clothes to withstand that issue.  Also, if I want to sleep I need to wear something that can double as a pillow (and I am definitely NOT putting my head on any airplane surface – #germophobeprobs).  Am I the only one who thinks about all this before picking out an airport outfit?

Anyways, leggings are a must for me.  Nothing gets more comfortable than that!  I generally also choose some sort of t shirt, a denim jacket, and a large scarf.  This is such a cozy combo and it includes layers to alleviate the temperature issue and a blanket scarf can double as a pillow.  For shoes, I normally pick something comfy like a pair of sneakers.  I often walk around the airport a lot (mainly to find some good food or a Starbucks) and sneakers are an easy way to get around!

What trips do you have coming up and what are your go-to items to wear on a travel day?


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