What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

I always love weddings.  How could you not?! They are filled with food, fun, and dancing and I’m just a sucker for a good love story.  You never want to catch me watching The Notebook – I’m a crier when it comes to love stories!

About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of attending one of my college friends’ weddings in Tucson, Arizona.  It was at this beautiful historic mansion and was entirely outdoors.  Luckily, in Arizona you never really have to worry about inclement weather – it is almost always sunny and beautiful.  This wedding was seriously something straight off of Pinterest and was absolutely beautiful.  Not to mention the bride (my friend) was just stunning and her and her groom looked smitten.  I’ve never seen a couple more happy than those two did on their wedding day.


When picking out something to wear for this wedding, I was going in between a few options that I owned.  I had this fun, navy dress that I wore to New Year’s Eve last year that was a little more formal, but could be dressed up or down (pictured in black in number 1).  I ended up opting for this really pretty and flattering gray ruched dress (pictured below, number 2) that I recently bought.  I’ve seen so many other people wear this dress and it is truly amazing.  If you are in an area with cooler weather, this dress is also available with sleeves (number 4 below)!  

  1. Express Black Lace Dress
  2. Gray Ruched Dress
  3. Black Ruffled Dress

I’ve also been loving the color wine or burgundy and I’ve linked some options that I think would go really well with the fall foliage.  It is just such a festive color and you can probably get more wear out of this color throughout winter with the holidays coming up!  Also, what’s even better is all of the dresses linked in this post are less than $60 currently!

4. Red Ruched Long Sleeve Dress

5. Red Lace Dress

This wedding that I went to was a good excuse to wear an amazing pair of heels.  I always wear heels to weddings since I am only 5’2” and I have so many pairs that I love to wear.  With my gray dress, I opted for my black Sam Edelman Lorissa spiked heels and they did not disappoint (number 1 below).  They are currently sold out, so I linked some other awesome options for a wedding.

  1. Sam Edelman Spiked Heels
  2. Vince Camuto Gray Pumps
  3. Vince Camuto Rose Gold Pumps
  4. Black Studded Pumps
  5. Black Block Heels

I love wedding season and even though it is coming to a close, these outfits can double as a great option for the holidays!


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