The Fall Cape That I Can’t Stop Wearing

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So, it is definitely feeling like fall and almost winter here in the Chicago area.  I love the crisp air, but as I was driving to work yesterday, the radio station that I was listening to mentioned that it was only in the 30’s in the morning and there was a slight chance that if it were to rain, it could turn into snow.  SNOW! I am not ready for that just yet.  Considering that winter in Chicago lasts for about 10 years, it is safe to say that snow should not be on our radar just yet.  I mean, it was 70 degrees outside less than a week ago.  How does that even happen?

All I know is, winter is coming (any Game of Thrones fans out there?!).

So lately, instead of wearing a jacket, I’ve been wearing this cape.  I am so obsessed with it and it honestly feels like I’m wearing a blanket around.  Since that isn’t completely acceptable to bring to work (as much as I would love that), I’ve settled for this cute cape.  What’s nice is it actually keeps you pretty warm!  Now I wouldn’t suggest that you wear this if it is really cold out, it is perfect for those idyllic fall days that we all wish would stick around forever.

I’m linking some other really cute capes below that you can also check out!  

1. Blue and Red Plaid Cape

2. Ivory and Black Poncho

3. Leopard Poncho

4. Gray Fringe Poncho


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