Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest

Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 6Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 1Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 4Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 7Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 3Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 9Red Boots and a Herringbone Vest 2


Vest | Boots | Jeans | Necklace (similar) | Earrings

I can’t believe Halloween is already tomorrow.  Not that it’s a huge deal – my husband and I don’t have any plans other than handing out candy to the kids on our block.  I love handing out candy and seeing all of the kids’ costumes.  They are so cute!  And is anyone else a procrastinator like me?  I still have to buy candy for tomorrow!  To be honest, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t already have the candy because I would eat way too much of it!  

Overall, I just am in awe of how quickly this year is going.  It seems that every year goes by faster and faster.  Not to mention, the Christmas and holiday items are already out in stores!  I love the holiday season, but I am not ready to Christmas shop just yet!  Anyone else with me?

Another reason why I’m not ready for it to be the holidays yet is because that means winter is almost here.  This girl still needs to buy a winter coat! The temperatures have been in the 40’s lately and I definitely to start wearing thicker layers and jackets.  

This outfit has some of those layers that are needed for the weather we’ve been having and I am obsessed with this look.  I bought this vest last year and it was something that I was crushing on for a while.  Out of everything that I own, this vest is one of my favorite clothing items.  

Also, how cute are these red boots?!  I am obsessed to say the least.  I grabbed these during Nordstrom’s NSale this year and I am so happy to finally get to wear them.  I’m thinking that I’m going to buy the boot socks that go with these and I’ll try to wear them as my winter boots when it begins to snow!

You can’t go wrong with this fall outfit!  What are your favorite things to wear this fall?


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