Wood Watches – The Perfect Accessory

JORD Wood Watch 10JORD Wood Watch 8

To be honest, I haven’t heard of watches being made of wood until about a year ago.  My husband wanted a wood watch before our wedding and I didn’t even know that was a thing!  I remember both him and I were looking for a good quality wood watch and had trouble finding ones that we loved.

Fast forward to now and I’ve found a wood watch from JORD that is not only the perfect accessory but is also made of high quality products.  This is one trend that I think will stick around.  Since receiving my JORD Frankie wood watch, I’ve gotten so many compliments on both the craftsmanship of the watch as well as the gorgeous plum color.  It is my favorite accessory for fall and winter because this color is so festive!  This Frankie style watch is perfect because it is sleek and elegant while still making a statement.

JORD Wood Watch 5JORD Wood Watch 1

JORD has so many different watches to choose from that it was difficult for me to choose which one I wanted.  Other than the Frankie series (which is what I am wearing), I also love JORD’s Frankie 35 series and Cassia series wood watches.  To be honest, I might be going back to their online store to buy another one – they are just so great!  They are so different than the other wood watches I have found and I truly think that they have a watch for everyone’s individual style.

Since my husband wanted a wood watch and never ended up getting one, this is definitely one thing that he will be getting from “Santa” this year.  I think this is such a great holiday gift and will be perfect for anyone!  JORD has been so kind to offer you 25% off your watch purchase this holiday season with this coupon.  This offer ends December 19th, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

To shop the variety of watches that JORD has to offer, use the links below to complete your holiday shopping!

Men’s Watches

Women’s Watches

This post is kindly sponsored by JORD wood watches.  As always, the opinions in this post are my own!

Wooden Wristwatch


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