The Boots You Need This Winter

Burgundy Over The Knee Boots 4Burgundy Over The Knee Boots 6Burgundy Over The Knee Boots 2Burgundy Over The Knee Boots 9Burgundy Over The Knee Boots 3


OTK Boots | Gray Sweater  | Leggings  | Leather Jacket | Earrings | Watch | Ring 1 | Ring 2

Isn’t Target the best store ever?  As soon as I walk into that store, I already know that I’m about to spend some cash.  They always have just what I’m looking for – and what I’m not looking for too.  Not to mention with Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new line, Hearth & Hand, you basically can’t get me to leave the store!  They definitely know what they are doing!

Last week I found myself in Target three times in one day.  It was one of those days where I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Basically, I went to one Target in the morning, spotted these AMAZING boots, and kept looking for what I really came to Target to shop for.  After no luck, I left and ended up going to a second Target where I bought these boots (a.k.a. the best idea ever) and also what I was meant to purchase in the first place.  In my defense, my last trip to the store was solely because of my need for caffeine and it just so happens that the nearest Starbucks was inside Target.  

Surprisingly, these boots are actually pretty comfortable.  I love that they are over the knee since most of my other boots aren’t.  I decided to get this burgundy color to change up the items in my closet, but they also come in taupe and black if you’re feeling less adventurous!

I’ve also linked my other outfit details and similar items above!  


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