Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Floral ArrangementThanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


Fall Centerpiece 1 | Fall Centerpiece 2 | Fall Centerpiece 3 | Fall Centerpiece 4 |

Fall Centerpiece 5 | Fall Wall Art | Fall Wall Art 2 | Fall Wall Art 3 | Fall Wall Art 4 |

Pumpkin Decor 1 | Pumpkin Decor 2 | Pumpkin Decor 3

*The items I bought are not currently sold online so all of the items linked above are either similar to the ones I have or are some of my personal favorite picks!*

I love the holidays.  I have already started listening to Christmas music and I am obsessed with this time of the year.  It really is the best!

Even though I’m completely into the holiday spirit, I have to constantly remind myself that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.  Doesn’t it feel like we’ve just skipped fall and headed straight into winter?  That’s at least how I feel and the weather has been very wintry here in Chicago.

My husband and I moved into our current house this past April and I’ve had so much fun decorating the extra space.  Because we moved from a much smaller condo, I’ve needed a lot more decor to fill up the empty spaces in the house.  I have also been procrastinating on this effort, as I’ve just finished decorating for fall and it’s almost time to decorate for Christmas!

This past weekend, I made a trip to Home Goods and found some awesome finds for Thanksgiving.  We are hosting Friendsgiving this coming weekend and I felt it was time to end the procrastination and I needed to fill those empty spaces in our home with more decor! 

What’s even better is all of the fall decor is on sale (or clearance!) right now, so check out some of these items to finish your decorating before Thanksgiving!


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