Emerald Green

Emerald Sweater 3Emerald Sweater 2Emerald SweaterEmerald Sweater 4Emerald Sweater 1

Emerald Green Sweater | Jeans | Necklace (similar) | Sunglasses | Shoes (similar)

When I think of holiday style, I think of rich reds and jewel tone looks.  There is something about these colors that are festive and fun.  This sweater (only $20) was something I grabbed on a whim, but it is so cozy and is the perfect emerald color that fits right in with this season.  

I absolutely love this shade of green.  My eyes are green and everytime I wear something with this color, my eyes tend to stand out more.  Since the holiday season is in full swing, this is also a great color for any gathering with friends and family.  

Also, the fact that this is a chenille sweater makes it even comfier to wear.  The last time I wore it, my friends were literally petting me because the material is so soft!

What are your favorite sweaters this season?


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