How to Get Volume From Thin, Fine Hair (No Teasing Included)

Hair Product Used | Sweater 1 | Sweater 2 (similar) | Mascara Combo

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you can see that my natural hair is straight, thin, and fine.  Putting my extensions in obviously helps with this, or even adding some curls with a curling wand makes my hair look fuller.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a hard time making my natural, straight hair look voluminous.

Have you ever gone through Pinterest to find a hairstyle just to find unattainable, thick, voluminous hair that would never naturally occur with your own?  I feel like that always happens to me.  Even as I watch hair tutorials, I find that some of these women have such thick hair naturally that my hair won’t even work with the style that they are creating.

Also, even though I own extensions, I barely wear them.  On an everyday basis, although it would be awesome to have such thick, long hair, I don’t have the time or the patience to put them in.  I also don’t like to use heat on my hair everyday, so sometimes I also don’t want to curl my hair.  It’s days like these where I’m normally left with my natural, flat hair to deal with.

Recently, I bought a sample of a hair product that claimed to be incredibly volumizing.  The before and after pictures of people who have used this product were also incredible – each woman went from flat hair to this natural-looking fuller hair.  Since I’ve never really found anything that works (other than teasing my hair), I figured I’d give this product a try.

The Living Proof Full Thickening Cream is a lightweight styling product that you use on wet (or towel dried) hair.  Even the first time I used this, I noticed a difference in the way my hair looked.  All you have to do is apply the product to the middle and ends of the hair before blow drying.  To show you the difference in my hair, I’ve taken some pictures of my hair when I use the cream and when I haven’t.  If I haven’t used the cream but still blow dried my hair, my hair tends to be straight, flat, and limp.  After using the cream and blow drying my hair, my hair has more movement and is more volumized even at the ends of my hair.  

I love using this product and even though the difference in the two pictures isn’t drastic, it’s noticeable and I’ll take all the volume I can possibly get!  If you have fine or thin hair and want some extra volume, try this product out and let me know what you think!  

How to Get Volume From Fine, Thin Hair (No Teasing Included)


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