Winter Trends: Cold Shoulder Sweaters and Over the Knee Boots

Winter Trends - Cold Shoulder and OTK Boots 6Winter Trends - Cold Shoulder and OTK BootsWinter Trends - Cold Shoulder and OTK Boots 5Winter Trends - Cold ShoulderWinter Trends - Cold Shoulder and OTK Boots 8Winter Trends - Cold Shoulder and OTK Boots 2IMG-3739

Sweater (similar) | OTK Boots | Jeans

I know that it is winter and in Chicago that means it is going to be REALLY cold, but last week was one of those weeks where I just wished I was still living in Arizona.  With temperatures below zero, I didn’t want to do anything that involved going outside.  Thankfully, this week is a bit warmer with temperatures in the 30s.  To be honest, 30 degree weather practically feels like spring right now!  This time of year makes me miss the sunshine and the heat of Arizona!

Since it is so cold out, a sweater and jeans has been my go-to uniform lately.  I feel that I’ve bought so many more sweaters this year and I have been wearing them nonstop.  I do like cable knit sweaters and other more traditional styles of sweaters but I also am really into the current winter trends.  I have a few cold shoulder shirts now and I really like the way that they look.  Just make sure to wear a coat outside because it does truly get cold without one!  This sweater has some pearl beads on it too that make it different from other sweaters that I own.

I have never owned burgundy/plum colored boots until I bought these and even though I was nervous that I wouldn’t get enough use out of them, I feel as if I am always trying to find an excuse to wear them!  Black boots would look great with this as well, and if you aren’t into purple tones, you should probably go that route.  I do love how over the knee boots look with jeans and sweaters though!

Cold shoulder sweaters and OTK boots are some of my favorite winter trends.  What are yours?  Comment below!


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