New Year, New Skincare and a GIVEAWAY!

*Directions for entering the giveaway are listed at the bottom of this post and in my latest Instagram post * Use this referral link to get $10 off of your EVER Skincare purchase!

I have completely revamped my entire skincare routine.  A few months ago, my skin completely freaked out and broke out everywhere.  It was one of the worst breakouts that I have ever had in my entire life.  If you have ever struggled with acne or skin issues, you already know how hard that is not only on your skin but on your self esteem and confidence as well.  For me, when my skin is breaking out badly, I feel so much less confident in the way I look.  This then stresses me out and causes more breakouts.  It’s a vicious cycle!

Lauren DeBolt, an EVER Skin Specialist, reached out to me and offered to let me try some of their skincare products.  I was so nervous that it was going to make my skin worse, but I had nothing to lose!  Something needed to be changed in order to fix my problem skin.  

After testing the products for just over two weeks, the left side of my face was completely cleared and the right side was visibly reduced in the redness and number of blemishes.  Not to mention, after only one day of using the full regimen my skin felt so soft.  I’ve never had my skin feel like that before!

What really helped to make sure that I was matched with the right products was the skin quiz that you initially take.  This quiz asks you many questions about the problems you have with your skin as well as some general qualities about your skin.  This helps to ensure that you receive the correct products that will work best for you.  

What makes these products so special are a couple of things.  First, most of their products have LSR10 – a patent pending complex that protects your skin against environmental stress factors to help reduce signs of aging.  Although I’m only 24 and I’m not using any anti-aging products just yet, these products do make my skin look and feel more youthful.  Their products are also formulated according to some of the industry’s strictest standards.  I like to know that the products I am putting on my skin have good ingredients that are safe.  To learn more about this topic, you can check out EVER Skin’s blog post on it here.

After using the EVER Skin regimen for two weeks, I’ve also noticed that my very pesky blackheads were almost gone.  For some reason, I can never get rid of those and I just figured that I would have them forever.  Because this regimen includes an exfoliator, I think this was able to actually get rid of my blackheads for good.  Also, in contrast to many acne regimens out there, EVER Skin’s regimen was not drying at all.  My skin was constantly moisturized while using the products and it never was drying (which is essential in these already dry winter months).  Out of all the products that I’ve tried, my favorite one from the regimen was the Hydralift moisturizer.  It instantly makes your skin feel soft and moisturized.  In these winter months, I think this product is a must have!

Shortly after using up my trial samples, I purchased the entire regimen.  My skin has never felt (or looked) better!  

I’ve loved these products so much that Lauren and I have decided to giveaway one Hydralift Moisturizer to one of my followers!  To enter in the giveaway, make sure to follow the instructions on my latest Instagram post!

Hydralift Moisturizer


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