5 Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Are you someone who loves Valentine’s Day?  I know that some people aren’t a fan, but personally, I love it!  I’m not crazy about Valentine’s Day presents but instead I like to focus my time on my husband and our marriage.  My love language is definitely “quality time” and I don’t need all of the fancy extra things that come with this holiday – I just want to spend time with my hubby!

This year, I don’t really have anything planned for Valentine’s Day.  I plan on spending the night at home with my hubby and our puppy.  We will definitely be doing one of these easy date night ideas, though!  The best thing about these ideas is that they are so easy that you can plan an amazing date night at home even if it is last minute!

Date Idea #1: Make a heart shaped pizza.

Not into hearts?  Just make a normal pizza – everyone likes pizza!  I like to buy the already made pizza dough balls that you can find at many grocery stores.  I’m not talking about the frozen kind either.  In the refrigerated section of some grocery stores you can find fresh pizza dough!  It is so easy to just pick this up from the grocery store, roll out the dough, and make it from home, but if you are less lazy than I am then feel free to make your own dough!

Date Idea #2: Pick your favorite movie and make some popcorn.

I love homemade popcorn.  I love that there are no harmful preservatives in it and you can add all of your favorite toppings!  This recipe is one of my favorites and my hubby and I can never get enough of it!  Here is another recipe from my sister-in-law’s blog that is just as amazing and will satisfy your savory cravings!

Date Idea #3: Have your own mini wine or beer tasting at home.

I love wine and my husband loves beer.  For this date, just go to the grocery store and pick some of your favorites or some new options that you want to try!  Since you are doing a mini tasting, you might want to try and see if you can find some of the smaller bottles so that you can try a few rather than one or two!

Date Idea #4: Have a game night.

My hubby enjoy playing board games from time to time and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to play games and enjoy each other’s company.  To make this even more entertaining, you can always make it a competition!  The best thing about this date night is that you can use whatever games you already have at home!

Date Idea #5: Couples Massage.

My husband loves a good back massage.  His back hurts him from time to time and this really helps him to relax!  He actually loves these so much that we bought an actual back massager that attaches to the back of a chair.  I actually asked him what is his ideal date night would be and he said getting a back massage and relaxing is his favorite!  In case you or your significant other really loves massages, here is the link for our back massager.  We also own this foot massager that is amazing!

What other date night ideas do you love? Comment below!

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